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St. Joseph, MN July 2019

Audrey Twit with Sheriff Steve Soyka at dedication
Government Center
Twitt Family Dedicates 5 New AED SaveStations​ in honor of Ken Twitt
Wobegan Trail
Wobegban Trail
Millstream Park
Millstream Park
Millstream Park
Millstream Park
Fire Hall
Fire Hall
Fire Hall
Baker St. Lift Station
Baker St. Lift Station
Fire Hall
Coming soon

Sartell, MN

Long Lake MN, MN

East River Road, MN

Coming soon!

Naples, FL

Coming soon!

Advocates for Health- In the News

Sauk Rapids Herald-AED Project seeks to place outdoor defibrilators
Benton County News-AED Project seeks to place outdoor defibrilators
July 26, 2019 Twit honored for SaveStations donation
June 20, 2019 Non-profit aims to place outdoor defibrillators throughout community
June 14, 2019 Save Station movement sparks widespread interest
April 5, 2019 Pine Point now has AED Save station
April 5, 2019 Cardiac arrest survivor hopes for Save stations
March 18, 2019 Community members and Stearns Sheriff looking to help hearts with more outdoor AED access
April 5, 2019 Quick-thinking wife saves husband’s life
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